Beavertail paddle

The Beavertail is the classic canoe paddle. Great for rivers and lakes where rocks are few, this paddle can be crafted using a combination of hardwood and softwood including white ash, maple, black walnut basswood and cherry. Designed to be strong and beautiful. Blade dimensions are approximately: 6.5" wide by 28" long. The shaft length will be based on your sizing dimensions. This is a great paddle for short to medium length tours. It is a preferred paddle for the stern paddler who needs a wider tip for their J-stroke when steering. The wider tip on this paddle also provides greater impact resistance than narrower tipped paddles.  


This is a handcrafted item so everyone is slightly different. General specifications are as follows:


Blade: 7 ply laminated ash, basswood, walnut or cherry, 6.5" wide by 28" long. Epoxy tip.

Shaft: Ash and basswood

Grip: 5 ply laminated ash, walnut or cherry.

This is a made-to-order product. Typical fabrication time is two-three weeks.