Ottertail paddle

The Ottertail is a great medium to long touring paddle. Quiet and easy to handle this paddle is best suited for deep water. Ideal for bodies of water where the paddle will never come close to rocks. Similar to the Beavertail, this paddle can be crafted using a combination of hardwood and softwood including white ash, maple, black walnut basswood and cherry. Designed to be efficient and beautiful, this paddle is a gem to hold and paddle with. This is my preferred paddle style to use when the lake is as smooth as glass and a quite paddle is the goal. Blade dimensions are approximately: 5.25" wide by 28.5" long. The shaft length will be based on your sizing dimensions. 


This is a handcrafted item so everyone is slightly different. General specifications are as follows:


Blade: 7 ply laminated ash, basswood, walnut or cherry, 5.25" wide by 28.5" long. Brown epoxy tip.

Shaft: Ash and basswood

Grip: 5 ply laminated ash, walnut or cherry.

This is a made-to-order product. Typical fabrication time is two-three weeks.